Change can be difficult. Whether it’s how we think, feel or act, years of repetitive patterns can dig a rut so deep it seems as though we’ll never get out. The pressures of life don’t make it any easier – relationships, jobs and family all add to the often-overwhelming requests for our time and energy. I can help you discover the courage, strength and compassion to make changes and live each moment of your life more fully and with more authentic and genuine connections to yourself and those around you.

Problems in relationships? Parenting issues? Bothered by excessive worry? Not enjoying your life or your accomplishments? Needing to make a change? I can help you create the life you want. I believe that each of us holds inside ourselves the emotional intelligence required to resolve problems. Accessing and developing this resource often involves uncovering and transforming the limiting beliefs and patterns that keep people stuck. I work a lot of people who have various forms of depression, anxiety addiction/substance use and PSTD, and my goal is for clients to develop a sense of aliveness and well-being. I work with couples whose goal is to grow with each other and strengthen fondness and admiration together.

I work collaboratively to help you become aware of your strengths and start finding solutions that will enhance your life. I believe within each of us lies the solution to any life challenge, and it is my role to help you uncover your innate wisdom and inner strength to heal. My style of therapy can be described as compassionate, collaborative, holistic, and directive. We will work together to develop your goals for therapy, and my approach will be tailored to your specific situation and your personality. You can heal your life and I am here to help

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